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As veterans in providing international commerce solutions for numerous companies, we are dedicated to offering personalized services tailored to your operational profile and market needs.

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Global Performance Comercial Importação e Exportação Ltda facilitates global trade and drives business growth through efficient import and export solutions. With over 14 years of experience, we are trusted partners for companies wishing to expand beyond their borders, connecting suppliers and buyers in different parts of the world.

We have a skilled team and an extensive network of international partners, which allows us to offer specialized high-quality import and export services. We work with companies from various sectors, providing tailored solutions to expand their operations and strengthen their presence in international markets. Our commitment to excellence, solid relationships, and customer focus sets us apart. We are ready to help your company achieve global success.


Pool Maintenance and Lighting Essentials

Discover our curated selection for pool upkeep and ambiance. From efficient cleaning kits and chlorine distribution systems to underwater LED lighting, we offer easy-to-install, safe, and versatile solutions for a pristine and well-lit pool environment.

Elegant Molding and Trim Collection

Introduce a touch of sophistication to your spaces with our comprehensive range of moldings and trims. From recycled polystyrene skirting boards to versatile baseboards, complement moldings, casings, chair rails, and frames, our collection offers the perfect finish and durability for every interior need.

Crochet Cotton Threads Collection

Explore our premium range of cotton threads for crochet, available in a vibrant spectrum of colors and various sizes, perfect for crafting intricate patterns and designs with ease.

Diverse Towel Collection

Dive into our diverse selection of towels, designed for every occasion. Whether you're seeking cozy bath and face towels for home, durable options for professional use, specialized towels for fitness, or a plethora of other types in rich colors, our collection guarantees comfort and top-tier quality.

Our personality

We bring passion and innovative thinking together because we know that active engagement is essential to achieving the best results. We inspire our customers and partners to work with us to create the best results.


Who do we serve?

Companies seeking benefits to reduce their costs. Companies intending to start in International Trade. Companies that opt for outsourcing their Foreign Trade services.


Who are we?

Global Performance is a company based in Santa Catarina, Brazil, founded on April 7, 2009, with extensive experience in International Business development. We are a 360-degree structured firm to provide a complete experience to our clients.



Global Performance specializes in introducing new companies to international trade, managing the entire logistics chain, offering cost reductions in operations and consequently generating profits for clients.


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