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Leather Sandals Legit 3-Fran Model

Leather Sandals Legit 3-Fran Model

Unit Price:

Not informed

FOB Price:

USD 24,50

Minimum Order Quantity:

10 Pair

Type of Payment:

Not informed

Preferred Port:

Sao Paulo - Brasil


Leather sandal 3-Fran model
-Distributor: Morelli,
-Genuine leather
-Genuine leather insole
-Color: black/strawberry. off/other color from our color palette
-Anatomical insole, comfort Line
-Lined in leather,
-Great for those who need security for your feet
-Anti-slip Sole,
-Orthopaedic Functions in the sole

  • Sándalia genuine leather
  • shoes
  • women's sandals
  • leather shoes
  • Fran
  • sicc
  • francal

Production Capacity:



  • FOB - Free on Board

Delivery Timeframe:

Within 30 Days

Packaging Details:

Not informed

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