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Company Profile in 4 languages
(English, Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin)
Up to 5 products
3 credits to access buyer leads per year


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Receive many more promotional benefits and business opportunities for your business

Customized profile in 4 languages
(English, Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin)
Up to 50 products
5 images for product
60 credits to access buyer leads per year
Seal of company B2B Verification
Greater promotions of company and products

US$ 539.00

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A customized plan for your company to pro-actively achieve results in your target market(s)

Customized profile in 4 languages
(English, Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin)
Unlimited products
5 images for product
Unlimited credits
Seal of company B2B Verification
Greatest promotions of company and products
Customized landing page(s) for target markets

US$ 1,349.00

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Online Profile

Customized Profile

Marketing Review of Company Content

Inclusion of Video and Certificates

Translation - Portuguese / English / Spanish / Mandarin

Customized Banner

Customized Landing Page(s)




Products & Services

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Product Images

Inclusion of Videos

Inclusion as Featured Products

Review of Product Content / Items

5 Items

1 Image

50 Items

5 Images


5 Products


5 Images


5 Products

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60 per year

1 per bimester


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Seal of Company B2B Verification

Priority Listing in Search Results

Access to Site/Leads Statistics

Your Company Promoted on Our Home Page

Promoted as Related Products

Customized Support


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Additional Services


Buy lead credits

To access and reply to buyer contacts / leads, you need to use a Lead Credit. If you receive a business contact / lead from a buyer, but do not have a Lead Credit, you can select one of the options below:

US$ 11.00

1 Credit

US$ 95.00

10 Credits

US$ 405.00

50 Credits

B2B Verified

B2B Verification
and seal

Buyers and sellers have more confidence in negotiating with companies that receive our B2B Verification seal. We verify your company’s existence and authorization to open its account, increasing your credibility and generating more business opportunities.

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US$ 134.00

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B2B Verified

Online Market Analysis

Questions about exporting and promoting your products? Our team is prepared to perform a detailed online analysis for your company, identifying your main / target markets through a digital strategy.

US$ 450.00

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Unlimited leads

Unlimited lead credits

Generate a lot of business contacts / leads? Be ready with UNLIMITED Lead Credits for 12 months.

US$ 810.00

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Create your website

Create your site

Your website is your global digital business card, informing others about your business. Buy an institutional website in multiple languages ​​with a modern, innovative design and ready for any device.

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Starting From

US$ 600.00

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Leads Ilimitados

Google Ads Campaign

If you want your company to be placed in Google's top positions in the domestic and / or international markets, we have the solution. We are Google partners and have a certified team of professionals ready to achieve your goals.

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