How to Buy from International Suppliers

We are B2USA, the largest foreign trade platform in the Americas, essential for your imports and exports.

We offer comprehensive solutions in foreign trade for your company. Need to find reliable suppliers in the international market? On our platform, you'll have all of this and more, and the best part is, it's completely free.

We have thousands of companies registered from various parts of the world and offer a rich environment of tools to connect your company with new international suppliers.

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By having more suppliers, your company has access to a greater variety of products and services, making it possible to find solutions that are more suitable for the specific needs of your business with a better cost-benefit ratio.

Advantageous Negotiations

There are several suppliers operating on our platform, so you have the opportunity to negotiate better commercial conditions, such as more competitive prices, discounts, flexible payment terms, and even extra benefits.

Risk Reduction

Depending on a single supplier can represent a significant risk to the continuity of your business. Having multiple suppliers reduces this risk, as if a problem occurs with one of them, you will have alternatives to maintain your operations.

Quality and Innovation

By diversifying your suppliers, you will have access to different products, services, and approaches, stimulating competitiveness among them. This can result in improvements in the quality of the purchased products and encourage innovation in your industry.

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Through our quotation request form, you will inform us of the specifications of the product you are looking for in the international market.


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Our team will assess your request and direct it to our suppliers on the platform.


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Our suppliers will contact you through our Trading Center offering their products according to the characteristics previously informed. From there, you will have the freedom to negotiate prices, quantities, and payment terms.

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Supplier Search

Through our search tool, you can research products or suppliers from around the world, as well as filter by suppliers from specific countries or segments, making your search more accurate.

Opportunity Center

Our Opportunity Center is the place where the main sales ads and requests from B2USA are. Your company can find great business opportunities for both importing and exporting. Do business beyond borders with B2USA!


Need to speed up your process of searching, validating products, and international suppliers? Through B2B TradeCenter, our foreign trade consulting channel, we have experienced professionals to help your company at every necessary step to carry out safe and successful international operations.

Trading Center

Our trading center is the ideal place for you to analyze quotes from suppliers or importers interested in your products, being able to negotiate and reach a good agreement for both parties.

Câmbio Mais (Currency Exchange Plus)

The currency exchange process does not have to be bureaucratic and slow; Câmbio Mais is the easy and fast currency exchange solution for your imports. Through our digital currency exchange service, you can make the payment for your imports quickly and with the best cost in the market for small businesses.

B2B Freight

In our freight center, B2B Freight, you can analyze quotes and reservations for air and sea freight instantly. We streamline the day-to-day operations of importers and exporters through our simple, secure, and efficient platform.

Frequently Asked Questions about
our importers

  • How much is the fee charged for importing through B2USA?

    B2USA does not charge any fees for imports and exports made within our platform. Our goal is to provide a safe and easy environment for companies from around the world to trade freely. Register with us and learn more!

  • I want to import, but currency conversion rates are high, reducing my profit margin. What should I do?

    We have created Câmbio Mais, the first online currency exchange and remittance platform focused on international payments for small Brazilian businesses engaged in foreign trade. <br> <br> In three simple and fast steps, you can secure the currency exchange with one of the lowest spreads in the market, less than 1%, and it can be negotiated according to the transaction volume. Additionally, we also waive the fee for your operations. Register at <a href=''></a> and discover all the convenience and savings!

  • Is it better to bring my goods from abroad by air or sea?

    There is no concrete answer to this question since each operation is unique and depends on the type of product, deadline, and budget for the operation. <br><br> Most importers choose sea freight due to the volume of cargo that this mode can handle, as well as its lower cost compared to air freight. However, when opting for air freight, you get much faster delivery, making it an ideal option for importing perishable or high-value-added items.

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