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Buy Lead Credits

As a Seller, you must use a Lead Credit in order to access details about a Buyer who posted a buying requirement or who sent you a contact. While a certain number of Leads Credits are granted depending on membership level, once those credits are exhausted, you must purchase credits. In addition to buying a single Lead Credit, B2USA offers Leads Credits packages, which are a more economical option to access and monetize the various business opportunities that arise daily on B2USA.

Why use it?

You need to have Leads Credits to access a Buyer’s contact details. Free Members are granted a limited number of Lead Credits per year, Premium Members are granted a significant number of Leads Credits and Premium Plus Members are granted unlimited Leads Credits. Once your balance of Leads Credits has been exhausted, to access buyer details, you can buy a Lead Credit to access a single buyer lead or, even better, buy a Lead Credits Package that best suits your needs or upgrade to Premium Member.

How It Works?

When you receive a buying lead or finds a buying lead in Leads Central, you will be able to evaluate the basic information of what the buyer is seeking, but not the buyer’s contact details, such as email address or phone number. If you decide that the leads is viable and want to contact the buyer, then you can use a Leads Credit to access the details (the credit will be automatically deducted from your balance).

You can track your Leads Credits balance in your Dashboard, and can buy Leads Credits or upgrade your membership when your balance is exhausted.

In addition to buying a single Leads Credit, there are two Leads Credits package options available. Choose the best option for your business, make the payment online and, once confirmed, the Leads Credits will be credited to your account.


The evaluation of the viability of each lead is the responsibility of each member. B2USA does not warrant the viability of, or guarantee that, the leads generated for our members or posted on Leads Central will result in business for its users and members. For more information, see our Terms of Use.

Also, we advise you always to read our Safe Practices before starting any negotiation or passing any actionable information to interested companies.