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Mereb Bijuterias LTDA EPP
Unverified Company

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Jewelry & Eyewear
plus minus

Assembled Bathed Line current Premium

Assembled Bathed Line current Premium

Unit Price:

Not informed

FOB Price:

Not informed

Minimum Order Quantity:

150 Unit/Units

Type of Payment:

L/C (Letter of Credit) D/P (Document Against Payment) T/T (Wire Transfer)

Preferred Port:

Santos, São Paulo


With an extensive range of pure brass chains, the Mereb presents to the customer a number of options at its most powerful niche: the correntaria.
Models sold by Mereb Jewelry are all subject to reviews of quality and cleaning processes, all before the bath, to ensure customer satisfaction.
The store has two lines, then, in its strongest area: the Standard and Premium lines.
The Premium line offers customers the highest point in quality, the most sought after typical by customers and special finishings, and unbeatable prices. Our chains are mostly imported, with assembly in the country. All are made with closures ranging from Korean, Chinese and Japanese, the best quality available.
Under the brand Mereb pressed, are as follows:

  • National - Groumet, common current, 3/1, among others;
  • Baiano cord - Various thicknesses and various fasteners;
  • Rat Tail - Thinner, diamond, and assemblies with many closures (3 wires, etc.);
  • Tape (Italian) - Laminated, common in various thicknesses and fasteners;
  • Heart - Common, of various thicknesses and fasteners;

All current available for Premium Mereb have varying prices, which are available by contacting the company.
When making a purchase, the application is assembled, sent to the bath, and a period of twenty (20) days to a maximum of six (6) months, it will be delivered, depending on the volume.

  • Chains
  • Assembled
  • Bathed
  • Assembled chains
  • Bathed Chains
  • Chains Ready
  • Mereb
  • Mereb Chains
  • Mereb Jewelry
  • Jewelry
  • Jewelry
  • Jewelry
  • Semi Jewelry
  • Semijóias

Production Capacity:



  • FOB - Free on Board

Delivery Timeframe:

Depends on Size of Order

Packaging Details:

Not informed

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Mereb Bijuterias LTDA EPP
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Sr.Rodolfo Dib Mereb
55 19 3444xxxx
Av. Mal. Arthur da Costa e Silva, 1310 Jd. Glória - 13487-230
Limeira / SP