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The People's Republic of China, or China, is the second largest economy of the world and it's GDP has been growth in an average of almost 10% a year.

China exported in 2019 an average a total of 2.5 trillion dollars. It's biggest trade partners in each continents are United States, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Australia, responsible for importing 429 bi USD, 152 bi USD, 96,9 bi USD, 36,3 bi USD and 16,1 bi USD, respectivetly.

The products most exported by the Chinese are in general parts and electronic equipment such as computers, cell phones, integrated circuits, as well as machinery and industrial products.

As the Chinese economy is based on resource intensive production and export, you can find many Chinese producers, manufacturers and suppliers selling quality products at very good prices.

Many companies use B2Brazil to find products from qualified and verified Chinese suppliers. Since there are thousands of Chinese suppliers using our platform to do business with importers, we decided to launch this initiative to verify some of these suppliers and help in this process of finding a good commercial partner in China. Still, before doing business with these companies, we advise that a more detailed process of verification and due diligence be undertaken to minimize business risks. Any questions in this process, our support team will be available.

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