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Silica Sand

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Minimum Order Quantity:

50000 Metric Ton

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T/T (Wire Transfer)

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Originally white in color, silica sand is widely used in the industrial sector. It is one of the most important minerals for the industry due to its various applications. It serves not only as a cost-reducing material but mainly as an additive that enhances the physical properties of the product or the manufacturing processes of various industrial products, such as:

Paints and varnishes: The main use of quartz is as a high abrasion-resistant filler, ensuring greater durability to finishes in the metal mechanical paint sector, epoxy floor paints, among others.

Abrasives: Quartz is widely used in the manufacture of abrasives, such as sandpaper, grinding wheels, deburring chips, polishing compounds, and cleaning pastes.

Rubber: Besides being used as a filler, quartz is mainly employed as a friction reinforcement agent, increasing the hardness and resistance of rubber.

Wires and cables: In many cases, quartz is used as a filler in silicone coatings due to its hardness and dielectric properties.

Electrodes: The electrode is manufactured through a ceramic process, and quartz (silica) is the main raw material for its manufacture.

Adhesives and sealants: Quartz provides strength and hardness in adhesives used in metallurgy, civil construction, automotive engineering, crafts, metal-to-metal bonding, anchors, and caulking materials.

Road signage: Quartz is one of the raw materials that ensures the strength and durability of road marking paints and in the manufacture of road studs.

NOTE: Burns white.

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