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Industrial Machinery, Equipment and Parts

Furniture Accessories. Decorative elements from wood pulp.

Furniture Accessories. Decorative elements from wood pulp.

Unit Price:

USD 1,50

FOB Price:

Not informed

Minimum Order Quantity:

10 Unit/Units

Type of Payment:

D/A D/P (Document Against Payment) T/T (Wire Transfer) Western Union MoneyGram Others / Other

Preferred Port:

Not informed


Furniture Accessories. Decorative elements from wood pulp.

We provide undisputed the best quality in the world of decorative elements wrom wood pulp.

All the elements are maded for furniture manufacturers which can use them on furniture decor.

However, the elements might be used for facade by interior designers and so on.

For our company is crucial to give no compromised quality with the excelent performers in a way that you just apply them on the facade and paint them.

The wood pulp decorative elements are better than other type of materials decorative elements because of the formula you can easy to aply them on curve surfaces just heat up the element for 10 seconds inside the microwawes or by using the industrial fen. The element become elastic but not lose the shape and not damage the structure of it. This is very importnat when you need to apply the element on the curve surfaces of some of the furnishings facade, the curve peg (cabrioli) of chairs, tables and so on.

Onse you heat up the element and glue it on surface you will be surprised by the perfect aderation of the elements on the surfaces.

If you need more info about our products drop us an email. We will be happy to assist you.

  • furniture
  • suppliers
  • decor
  • wood
  • elements
  • furnishings
  • pulp
  • paste
  • moulding
  • cast
  • manufacturing

Production Capacity:

1000 pcs a day


Not informed

Delivery Timeframe:


Packaging Details:

Dear customer,
please note that inside of one bag you have 10 pcs. of decorative elements code : KP 01.
The price of $150 is setted for one bag (10 pcs. elements) . 

Shipping terms: is really up to you to choose the shipping option. From Moldova to Brazil the shipping goes from 8 to 35 days depending of the shipping methot you choose.

Anyway for the boxex no more than 20 kg it will be shipped in 8-10 days.

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Carving Decor
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