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Raised Floors

Raised Floors

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Falcos Raised Floor was developed to meet the dynamics of the routine work environments, carefully fulfilling contemporary needs of flexibility, enabling easy access to the premises under the floor thus enabling the maintenance or even layout changes.

The modular panels are manufactured in steel and filled with cellular concrete and are supported on pedestals adjustable in height, providing stability, resistance and acoustic insulation as well.

Opt for modular construction is able to create many projects with a single investment.

Lower plate:
The bottom plate is made of steel EEP cold rolled and annealed, etched with 64 domes on high power presses and welded by projection system, guaranteed the flatness of the whole.

Upper plate:
The top plate is made of cold-rolled steel that is full hard type that does not suffer by annealing, extreme hardness guarantees meeting the needs of system resistance.

The group receives a filling of lightweight cellular concrete with chemical foam which guarantees the completion of all the internal areas of the board, providing a better strength and giving specific weight to the ideal floor plate.

Plates receive anti-corrosion treatment before being electrostatically painted with textured epoxy paint. These two elements provide a high corrosion resistance and better adhesion to coatings.

The crosses are the aluminum upper and lower support and still receive a neoprene gasket that is intended to eliminate metal to metal contact between the plate and the pedestal, completely eliminating the possibility of squeaks.

Support with support at the top and bottom of the crosshead ensures greater resistance of the plate, which is a differential of Falcos Raised Floor.

The bases are made of solid threaded rods that allow a better time locking-nut and provide more resistance to loads, providing greater security to the floor and better overall efficiency.

It is possible to apply a variety of coatings, such as high pressure melamine laminate (Formica), Vinyl (pavilfex), carpet tile, laminate Star Light Gray (Formica and anti-static dissipative), among others .

The ISO 9001 certification of the Raised Floor Falco was acquired in the international arena through its proven quality and competence to meet the requirements of certification bodies MOB Standard (UK), CISCA (USA) Standard and JIS (Japan).

Special standards and procedures are offered to meet demand for seal works with Green Building and LEED.

In Brazil, the test reports for approval are made by reputable lab Falcão Bauer, according to NBR 11802/91.

  • Raised Floors

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