Whether extrusion technology for pipe, hose, cable or profile. Efficiency, precision, reliability and innovative spirit - these are the keywords to make our products and systems even better.

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For more than 35 years, the name "iNOEX" has been associated with trendsetting technology and ground-breaking inventions for measurement and control technology. Our core areas are in the building sector, infrastructure and automotive industries, our automation products are designed for the pipe, tube, cable, film and profile extrusion, our speciality is the data management.

In close consultation with our customers, we will endeavour to shape our future as successfully and excitingly as we have done in the past. With innovative strength, a willingness to shift boundaries and a comprehensive range of products and services, we are committed to satisfying our customers.



is the basic version of the SAVEOMAT series. The Mono weighing hoppers is suitable for granules and are available in different heights. Depending on the control loop, they use the measured values to control the screw speed of the extruder or the haul-off speed.


is a funnel weigher specialized for the blockage-free feeding of powder with a maximum chalk content of up to 20%. Thanks to the optimal hopper geometry, an enlarged inlet, turbine vibrators at the hopper inlet and the storage hopper outlet, material deposits and bridging are avoided. This ensures a stable production flow and a constant material flow with a consistent minimum weight per meter.


is the dosing unit for materials with a chalk content of up to 100%. A consistent material flow is ensured at all times. Depending on the material and application, the SAVEOMAT HF has either a twin-screw or a spiral dosing unit, with which the products are dosed smoothly and cleanly. Both variants can be combined with other powder and granule weighers.


is a special application option for coextruded products. As precise feeding and exact mixing of the various material components is crucial in the production of pipes and fittings using the coextrusion process.


The flexibly combinable dosing station allows the exact blending of up to seven material components. Two configuration levels are available the DOS 2 (one main and one side component) and the DOS 7 (one main and up to six side components). Dosing is carried out according to customer-specific requirements. The processing of granules and powder is also possible.


is the multi-component dosing station for the recipe-precise dosing of solid and liquid components. The use of silane and peroxide is especially applied in PEXa and PEXb pipe extrusion and cable production. Precise mixing of the raw material is achieved by combining a static and a dynamic mixer.

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We bring passion and innovative thinking together because we know that active engagement is essential to achieving the best results. We inspire our customers and partners to work with us to create the best results.



As pioneers and experts, we offer our customers added value in the pipe, hose, film, cable and profile extrusion industry. Our high-quality products, equipped with outstanding user-friendliness, provide intelligent and innovative solutions that stand as key factors for sustainable success.



We are the most innovative solution provider for measurement technology in the plastics industry. Today and in the future.



Our cooperation is characterized by a clear mission statement and a focus on customer needs. This is based on our values and principles. With enthusiasm and passion we work every day on our claim "inspire beyond measurement".


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