soap dispensers and accessories with antivandalism feature

the best products on the market with quality and benefits made to last!

Several advantages to be differential in the stainless soap dispenser market

Valve with repair kit.

Prevent waste and ensure in-use control to reduce unnecessary costs.

Ecological Awareness.

No plastic refill that contributes to the company's environmental policy.

We offer a line of stainless steel soap holders that promotes sustainable and economic solutions for your company!

Cost X Benefit

The high resistance of the products in stainless steel reduces expenses with replacement of equipment.


Due to the locking procedure, it minimizes waste and misuse due to improper opening of the soap dispenser.


As for the durability of stainless steel, it reduces replacement costs for breakage, recurring plastic parts.

Lockable lid to ensure the integrity of the soap with safety

The high strength and storage capacity of soap dispensers greatly reduces the time spent by employees to exchange equipment, spare parts and replacement of soaps and due to the locking procedure, it minimizes waste and misuse due to improper opening of the soap dispenser.

Stainless steel soap dispensers, due to their high durability, significantly amortize their implantation costs.

the new concept of Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser is here

Have quality products with benefits that reduce the cost of your business


Founded in 2002, MULTCLEAR PROFESSIONAL HIGIENE LTDA ME, has launched a line of soap dispensers and accessories with antivandalism feature in highly resistant and economical STAINLESS STEEL.
The choice of Stainless Steel, as raw material for MULTCLEAR products, is therefore born from the convergence of two main premises: DURABILITY AND SUSTAINABILITY. In addition, MULTCLEAR products provide a reduction in supply labor, low maintenance and confer inviolability to soaps.

The success was immediate and today MULTCLEAR serves companies from diverse sectors - from multinationals to small manufactures.
In 2012, MULTCLEAR launched its own line of chemical products, increasing the supply of products to its customers. LIQUID SOAPS, DEGREASERS, DETERGENTS, among others, were launched. All its ECOCLEAR line is focused on environmental preservation seeking to create the least possible environment and man.

Freedom to quote the amount of soap:
Acquiring the soap dispenser allows the purchase of liquid soap at the best price generating short term savings.

The low maintenance of stainless-steel soap dispensers minimizes customer complaints, whether internal (production users, maintenance staff, area supervisors) or direct (contracted cleaners).

MULTCLEAR has qualified team to develop and tailor products to your needs.
As well as the soap dispensing tubing for the central soap dispenser valves are made according to the characteristics of each bathroom, the other stainless steel dispensers can add adaptations / customizations according to the needs of our customers.
MULTCLEAR has a CHEMICAL PRODUCTS development team for use in process and industrial maintenance.